Top DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is more a tedious task. Many people hire a wedding planner to plan wedding process but it costs a few bucks. Instead of giving every work to wedding planner, do it yourself some works to save few bucks.

Below are some of the DIY wedding ideas:

  • Wedding cakes: Cutting a wedding cake is a tradition in wedding. Instead of buying a cake, bake your own decorate the same with delicate chocolate candied beads. Finally to look better, keep the cupcakes visible wedding cake form and use a few flower petals between them.
  • Bridal dress: Never select a dress given in the wedding magazines because it costs more. Instead, create a dress a lower cost, and make it special by choosing the right designs according to your taste. Even you can visit to the local stores which can give you discounts on bridal dresses.
  • Bridal bouquets: Professionally designed wedding bouquets are another area where a lot of money can be dropped quickly. Instead you get seasonal flowers from local stores and prepare it on your own. At last you tie with a satin ribbon at one side of the bunch of flowers.
  • Wedding accessories: Instead of buying necklaces, earrings directly in a jewelery shop you visit to the local store and buy individual gems and stones, and prepare a jewelry on your own. This saves you lot of money.
  • Wedding favors: Visit the local craft store and get a number of ideas from them. Select some boxes and fill with your own things and cover it with a wedding theme stamp. Now you can give it to your guests.

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