Information on the Electronic Stability Control

This system builds on anti-lock braking system which is needed for each and every vehicle. This includes the software like steering angle sensor, hydraulic control unit, wheel speed sensors, and other on-board monitoring devices, which work together and determine the condition of the car, if it is experiencing the over-steer or under-steer. On identifying the occurrence of any of these situations, the software applies the break pressure on individual wheels to bring the car back to its correct position. This system uses the speed sensor on each wheel and controls the speed of each individual wheel using anti-lock brakes. This system controls the wheels until it monitors the steering wheel angle and when the vehicle rotates around the vehicle’s vertical axis. This system helps the driver to maintain the control by automatically applying brakes on the appropriate wheels.

Why this system?
This system is introduced for reducing the risks of the rollover crashes, risks of injuries and also for reducing the risks of deaths. This system uses the automatic computer controlled braking of individual wheels to assist the driver to maintain the control in critical situations.

How it works/helps?
When the vehicle goes in different directions instead of the indicated position of the steering wheel, then the driver loses control on it. This occurs typically when the driver tries to turn on a slippy road or when he tries to turn very hard. In such conditions, the vehicle may over-steer or under-steer. When the vehicle over-steers, the turning radius is more than what the driver has indicated, because the rear end is spinning or sliding out. When it under-steers, the vehicle turns less than what the driver has indicated and continuous further in forward direction, because the front wheels have insufficient traction. In such situations, this system can prevent by briefly braking the appropriate wheels, and in many situations the engine power can also be reduced.

If the system is installed in all the cars, then it can prevent many fatal crashes.


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