Know when to Change Engine Oil in Your Car

Regular changing of oil in a car prevents corrosion, abrasion and heat formation. However, oil changing depends upon number of miles you drive. But if you drive frequently, it is better to change oil in a car for every four months. However, every car has its own unique features and it is important for you to understand about your car needs. If you are still confused on when to change oil in the car, here is the advice for you.

  • It is better to change oil in a car according to the manual guide given for your car. In the manual guide, oil change information for normal, severe, and specific diving conditions are listed. Based on this information, try to find out your car under which schedule it comes. Mostly, your car comes under Normal schedule.
  • You can change oil in your car when your oil life monitor switch is turned on. Predetermined mileage is set in Oil Life Monitor system. If the number of miles you drive exceed the predetermined mileage, automatically the switch is turned on. However, Oil Life monitor guesses the life of oil in a car based on the numerous sensors present in the vehicle.
  • The oil becomes contaminated due to the gases that blow by the piston. Even if the car is not used for long, the oil gets contaminated. Based on this, you need to estimate and change oil in your car.
  • By analyzing the condition of oil in a car, you can know when to change oil in a car. But you need to give sample oil for Lab testing.
  • You can better switch to the extended-life oils that guarantees for specific mileage.

After reading the above mentioned advices, your confusion on when to change oil in a car may be cleared.

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