What are the Different Ways to Improve Website Uptime

website monitoring serviceIf the website goes down, the user requests will slow down and make it unresponsive. Website owners want their sites to have 100% uptime and many techniques can be used to improve the uptime and make the website work smoothly. Online businesses rely on quality web hosting providers to get reliable services. Software and hardware optimization improves the website performance and uptime. Different ways to improve website uptime are:

  • Optimizing the static content. It improves the speed of internet files and pages that get loaded.
  • Compressing the images by retaining the visual quality.
  • The web server must have a balanced load.
  • Split up the databases vertically, horizontally over multiple servers.
  • The software such as HTML and other emerging standards can be used. This contains built in systems which make the websites robust.
  • By making less number of HTTP requests to retrieve a website, the connection speed will remain consistent and less crowded.
  • The content management system must be optimized by decreasing the number of database calls for every page request.

The improvement in uptime of a web server and website can be accomplished by following few primary tactics. They are compressing the content, database arrangement, optimization of content management system, improving programming or software and upgrading hardware are few methods. The businesses will not suffer from uptime issues as well as improve the performance.


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