Guidelines for Writing Thank You Notes on Receiving Gifts

In western culture, before wedding, gifts are sent by guests who receive invitation from the couple who are going to be married. The couple who receives the gifts will reply to the guests by writing thank you notes to them because they are participating in the couple’s wedding to make the wedding more special and memorable day. Most couples get confused about what to write in the thank you note and how to reply it. Here are some of the guidelines listed below for writing thank you notes on receiving gifts.

  • Don’t pick the readymade thank you cards for replying your guests. These are simple and just have one word “Thank you”.
  • Always write with a pen and take your own time for writing words in a thank you notes which will make the guests feel great.
  • Sincerely write the thankful notes about the gift and be thankful to them. And also write mentioning the name of the gift that sender sends by giving brief description. Thus, if someone sends you a dinner set, mention in the notes by writing “thanks aunty xxx for sending dinner set which will be helpful in my kitchen”.
  • If a large group of workers have sent a single gift, then reply them with a single note addressing all the workers.
  • If they send gift in terms of cash then reply to the sender by mentioning how it is going to be useful for their household spending. Here don’t mention the amount in the note while addressing.
  • If you received a damaged gift then don’t mention in the note to the sender, instead find out from the department store.
  • If a gift that is sent by the guest is not according to your taste, even then write thank you notes for the guests.

These ‘Thank you’ notes can be sent before and after wedding but be careful of correct timing.

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