Some Essential Tips for Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance helps in saving money on roofing repairs. Check for potential problems on a regular basis and try to fix them by spending some time. Early detection of roof problems will prevent the need for roof repairs.

Some essential maintenance tips are:

  • Check the drains/ gutters for debris and other pollutants. Make sure that the gutters or drains are not blocked and clogged. This eliminates from water ponding on the roof. The gutters must be kept free from leaves, sticks and other debris.
  • The algae, moss and mildew can trap moisture and shortens the life span of the roof.
  • Install gutter guards, clean your gutters to avoid clogged drain.
  • After a rainfall, go to the roof and check for puddles. Check with the units below the area of puddles if there is any sign of leaking.
  • Inspect for any tears or cracks in the membrane, measure how large is the damage. If it grows larger, consult a contractor to deal with the issue.
  • Make sure that weeds and plants do not grow out of the roof membrane unless a green roof system is installed.
  • Check chimneys and parapet walls to see if any damaged or deteriorated bricks or mortar.
  • Gutter joints must be properly sealed and ensure that there are no holes in your gutters.

Lack of proper maintenance of roof will lead to reduced strength of your roof, which may in future may pose a significant threat to the house.

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