Why is it Important to get Prescription for Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are really boon to the eye glass wearers as they effectively reduce the burden of wearing such heavy and old fashioned glasses. These lenses make the wearers feel confident about their vision as well as appearance. However, any of these lenses need a prescription to use and many people think that the fancy lenses do not need a prescription. They are not correct and below are the reasons which can tell you the importance of contact lenses.

Importance of prescription: When we consider the eyes of different people, they are not one and the same. They vary in size, color, shape and many other factors. This shows that there are more number of eyes which look different in different aspects. If this is the case, how can one think that one contact lens is suitable for every eye type. Similar to the eye glass which need a prescription, for getting contact lenses too we need a prescription which is given after detailed examination of the eyes. And never think that your eye glasses prescription is enough for the contact lenses too. It will not work. Apart from describing what kind of lens are suitable for the eyes, the prescription also holds the size and shape of the eye so that you can get lenses depending on the size which fits your eye in the best way.

How to get a prescription: There are laws in few countries which enable the users to get the prescription for contact lenses and when it expires. When it comes to United states, some laws state that to get a prescription for contacts one can visit an ophthalmologist or a optometrist. Once a patient visits a doctor, the doctor will examine the patients eyes and measures the refractive error of each eye and also measures the size and shape of the eye. After examination he will write the prescription, for contact lenses suitable for the patients eyes.

However, according to the state laws contact lenses prescription can be valid only for one year and the expiry varies according to the state laws. So, in order to save your eyes from the damages caused by the lens which are not meant for us, one should get a prescription.

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