What Applications are to Be Monitored in a Website

site monitoringSince your website is online and accessible through internet, to overcome the online issues that degrade the performance of your site, it is necessary to monitor the website’s performance constantly.

If you won’t get time to monitor the website there are services called website monitoring services that monitor the website and ensures that your website is responding correctly.

In order to run an effective website the statistics of the website such as the amount of time in loading the site, response time and cart failure must be monitored by using website monitoring services.
Depending on customer needs, the following are to be monitored:

  • e-commerce transactions,
  • traffic and load,
  • changes in content of the website,
  • navigation of the website,
  • vulnerability,
  • website monitoring service

  • SEO online marketing results,
  • tracking visitor’s
  • links present in the website
  • page views
  • response time
  • CPU Load
  • hardware components like RAM, disk space
  • marketing progress
  • and more

The statistics of above mentioned factors, help immensely in making the website perform effectively.

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