Why to Test Students for Drugs

With the latest advancements in medical technology, experts are now able to catch the pictures of human brain under the influence of drugs. Because of the increased number of drug abuse among high school students, drug testing is also done for them to save the children from the harmful effects of drugs.

Since the young minds are still growing, the effects of drugs are more on their brains when compared to that of young adults, whose brains are completely developed. So, in order to find the habit of drug abuse among the school going children, these drug testings are very useful.

Some dangerous drugs like marijuana are not confined to the high, they will show more adverse effects on the learning and memory of the children which affect their academics. So identifying the drug abuse at the early stages using this drug testing methods helps to prevent the harmful affects and can stop them from addiction of those drugs in the later stages.

Apart from these substance abuse causes a lot of health complications like the lung or liver damage, addiction, memory impairment and even death. So these drug tests helps the parents be aware of their kids dangerous habits and they can make them aware of the negative effects associated with this habit.

Moreover, this drug testing helps in prevention of the drugs. When the students are randomly tested this helps them to stay away from the drugs since they have fear of getting caught. So it helps in overall prevention of drug abuse. With this the kids who are under peer pressure to have drugs will also get rid of them by saying the reason that they need to give test.

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