Know How Learning New Languages Boosts Your Career Prospects?

Learning more than one language makes you eligible for many language related jobs such as translator, interpreter, language teacher and linguist. Except for linguist, all the remaining professions need you to have in depth knowledge of one or two foreign languages apart from your native language. Linguists must have deep knowledge of the one language and having knowledge about other languages will be an added advantage. Let us now know what actually these professions deal with.

Translator: Translator is a job profile which includes translation of the written text from the source language (foreign language) in to target language (native language). The translator should have the ability to write well in the target language. You need not have fluency in the source language, but must have good understanding of it. Usually, a translator has to translate texts related to advertisements, government reports, business reports, websites, legal documents, literature, subtitles for films and songs.

Interpreter: The basic function of the interpreter is also to translate, but not the text, but the spoken words. A role of the interpreter is to translate the speech as the two or more parties of varied language backgrounds are conversing. The services of interpreter are useful in places such as business conferences, meetings, hospitals, investigations, etc.

Language teacher: As the name suggests, the person is required to teach a language to the people of different language backgrounds. You may have to teach your native language or a foreign language, based on your strength in that particular language.

Linguist: Linguistics involves study of scientific aspects of a language. Linguists have to study different scientific aspects of a particular language. These aspects may be phonetics, phonology, etymology, pragmatics, etc.

The above are the professions which are applicable to the persons who have in depth knowledge of more than one language.

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