Know How to Practice Speaking Spanish

Spanish is one of the mostly spoken language across the globe and it is also mostly studied language in different countries. In many countries, it is taught as a second language in schools, whereas, in other countries people are showing more interest to learn Spanish among different International languages. For those who learn this language it is important to speak it in order to get fluency in the language. Even though we are not speaking like a native speaker we can do our best by imitating them. Following are few tips which help to practice spoken Spanish.

  • Find a friend or an acquaintance to speak Spanish. This helps you learn the language much faster. The best way in this practice is to find a native speaker to communicate so that you can get a chance to observe and imitate pronunciation.
  • Take the help of English-Spanish dictionary to find the words which you want to translate into Spanish. Keep that book handy.
  • Speak Spanish as a new language. While you are speaking stop thinking in your mother tongue and try to think only in Spanish. This can be made by doing conscious effort.
  • If you don’t find anyone, start speaking within yourself by standing before a mirror. Take the topic you like and speak on it for particular time and if possible try to record it. Replay the recorded content and check for the errors and try to avoid them the next time.
  • Find website which gives you the opportunity to practice Spanish and use them effectively.
  • Pick up some Spanish books and try to read them louder.
  • Make some speaking activities with your friends and try to speak only in Spanish.
  • Start test messaging, chatting and everything you speak to your Spanish learning friends only in Spanish. You can also send some e-mail asking reply from your friend and can make it a regular habit.

These are few tips which are useful for practicing to speak in Spanish.

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