Importance of Polite Phrases while Speaking Spanish

When it comes to our own mother tongue we are confident enough that we are polite enough in the way we are speaking and the words we are using. But when we are learning or speaking any other language which we learned to speak it becomes difficult to be too formal since we are unaware of everything in that language. However, being polite in words is an important thing to consider when we are speaking some foreign languages like Spanish.

Most of the Spanish which is taught in the institutes also comes with teaching politeness. Being polite is what is related to our body language as well as our words. By default or with the politeness which we follow while speaking our own language helps to maintain a polite body language, but when it comes to the politeness in our Spanish speech, we need to care extra care and attention. This can be possible by learning few phrases in Spanish which shows our politeness and manners to the audience or to the person who is listening to us.

Few such polite words and phrases include excuse me, sorry, thank you and so on, which show the good manners of the person and create a positive impression at a first talk. Even though some of the terms and phrases seem too formal with little extravagance and elegance they are accepted as well as excepted even in normal conversation. The person talking formal in Spanish will be considered as polite and not as exaggerated.

Even there are particular phrases and words which should be used in specific situations. For instance , if somebody sneezes, the remaining people over there will tell ‘isalud’ and the person who sneezed will respond to it saying ‘Gracias’. There are more of this kind in Spanish, like the table manners, while entering someone’s home, office etc., before starting a meal, and many more. Following these help you to become more fluent and formal in Spanish speaking.

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