Treat your Hair Naturally with Essential Oils

Many haircare products, both herbal and chemical are available in the market for haircare. But the question here is – Do they really work? Until we try them and experience them personally we never know the results. It might be good and had worked well for some, but the product might show negative impact on your hair. So, experimentation is always a big risk when it comes to hair and hence it is always better to go for natural products which do not have side effects.

Aromatherapy essential oils are found to be one of the best remedy to fix hair loss. The unique quality of these oils to get absorbed into the body very quickly made them work well for hair loss. The gentle massages used to treat the hair effectively increases the blood circulation in the scalp and encourages the hair growth.

In some people, there is an excessive release of sebum an oily substance from the roots which prevents the hair growth. These essential oils effectively prevent the excessive production of such oils and promote hair growth. They also clean the dead skin and other pollutants from the scalp.

Some of the essential oils, which could prevent hair loss are Basil, rosemary, Arnica, Sage, Bay, Jojoba oils, etc. These oils are mixed in perfect blends and are gently massaged into the scalp. This kind of application helps to oxygenate the cells of the scalp and hence nourishes them well. This promotes cell regeneration and also encourages the growth of new cells. Unique quality of these oils to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin promotes the growth of repaired hair.

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