Know About Different Types of On-site Drug Test Devices

The on-site drug testing devices are termed as the tests which are non-invasive. Out of all the popular drug testing methods like the urine, hair, saliva, blood and sweat- sweat, urine and saliva are termed as the non-invasive procedures and hence became popular on-site test devices. These test kits are available in different types like strips, cups, single-panel and multi-panel. They are most popularly used for employee drug testing and in other traffic incidents where there is a need for drug testing. They provide results in less than 10 minutes making its application useful for on site detections.

All the three devices which use urine, saliva and sweat does not require any specialized training to handle them. By following the instructions one can easily conduct the test. The ease in interpreting the results enable the users to read the result without any difficulty. Previously most of these kits are limited only to five panel which are used to detect five popularly used drugs classified as NIDA/SAMHSA 5 by the Federal government. But now there are tests which can detect up to 10 substances that are categorized as a part of the drug abuse problems that were not included in the primary 5 group.

Urine tests are generally available in both the cup and strip style; and for saliva and sweat testing strips are available. Some of them come along with the adulteration check, some with temperature strip. However, the accuracy and the credibility of the test depends on the type of devices chosen to conduct the test.

These on-site screening devices are usually preferred to save the time and to move further with the results obtained from these tests. All these test procedures are simple, easy to use and hence are recommended to use at any situations where the drug testing is required.

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