Advantages of Taking Basic Dental Care

Basic dental care is necessary for an individual in order to prevent the possibility of serious dental problems in future. Basic dental care includes, brushing at least two times a day, regular flossing, using tooth paste with flouride, brushing teeth in right directions, using tooth brush with soft bristles, having proper nutritional food, maintaining hygiene, prevention of smoking, regular dental check ups, etc.

Basic dental care should be taken by all individuals irrespective of their ages. Most of the dental problems occurring in old ages are very difficult to deal with, hence proper care should be initiated in the early days of childhood itself.

Taking basic dental care has many benefits, such as,

  • Prevention of bacteria which results in tooth decay. Tooth decay is found to be more dangerous as this bacteria has many chances of infecting other adjacent parts such as nose and ear.
  • Elimination of bad breath and dry mouth
  • Prevention of gum related diseases such as swelling of gum which may result in gum infection, which may further lead to gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • Prevents staining due to some foods, drinks and tobacco.
  • Prevents accumulation of plaque.
  • By avoiding smoking and tobacco, oral cancer can be avoided.
  • Using flouride tooth paste provides protection to tooth enamel.
  • Regular dental check ups help in early detection of diseases and also proper maintenance of oral structures.
  • Having diet containing high amounts of calcium strengthens the structure of teeth.

Above all, healthy maintenance of oral structures results in improving the overall health of the body.

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