What are the Monitoring Tools Used in Website Monitoring?

Website monitoring program for showing the results of website performance should use good website monitoring application programs are important which accurately check the websites and send the updates about the server performance. Server monitoring is responsible for current problems, if any problem occurs it can send the information immediately.

Website monitoring requires few important tools for monitoring the server,

site monitoring

1. HTTP Monitor: Hypertext Transfer Protocol which exists in truncated form. It transfers the information between servers and browsers. It plays important role in showing the data results to check the safety of browsing, if any error occurs it will update the server.

2. TCP port monitoring: Transferable Control Protocol, it is important at transferring the data between two networks. Data transferring between two networks results in missing of more information, but these TCP port monitoring tool control the missing of data while transferring.

3. FTP monitor: This monitoring tool is important for information transfer between two systems, it controls the missing of information while transferring between two systems.

4. Ping monitor: Ping provides the information about the connections of systems. Ping monitoring tools sends requests when the connections fail. If you receive the ping request check the connections of system.

5. DNS monitor: Domain Name Server, this tool is important in transferring the literature form of internet addresses into numerical machine understandable form. It is beneficial to you, where you can get the required information with domain name also.

Server monitoring is also important at sending the regular updates and finding the errors in websites.

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