Know Some Stylish Design Options for Oak Orangeries

Among many different options, building an orangery is one which increases the beauty and value of your home. Orangeries can be constructed with any type of material ranging from wood, brick or stone. Oak orangeries, in particular, bring a classic look to your property. They provide additional living space within affordable price.

Oak lasts for many years, in fact centuries. It also appears more attractive as it ages and weathers. Orangeries built with oak have space with much light and air and are the pleasant places to live in. The design of the oak orangeries can vary from a simple sun filled extra room to a home for a new swimming pool. The style of your orangery reflects your personality. The purpose of oak orangeries have an influence on the type of structure chosen. If you prefer to extend the family kitchen to your oak orangery, then you need to consider the traditional solid wall structure. On the other hand, the orangeries can make use of glass for suiting the leisurely purposes like lounge or swimming pool.

For people who have limited space, it’s not possible to build a rectangular structured orangery. However, in smaller areas, elongated round structure can be designed to allow protrusion into a garden area while being confined to the narrow areas. You can also design octagonal shaped oak orangeries. Consider the purpose of the orangery and use unique designs and styles to add an oak orangery. Even colored finishes, addition of decorative pieces and right lighting bring an elegant appearance to them.

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