Patio Heaters – Good Choice for Restaurants and Hotels

With innovation and advent of technology, it’s now not at all necessary to get chilled in your outdoors. Specific heaters, intended for patios work well for home and commercial spaces. In particular, patio heaters are a good choice for restaurants and hotels to ensure warmth to their customers during cool weather.

Various types of patio heaters such as natural gas, propane and electric radiant heaters are available. Any of these heaters can be used based on the commercial setting. Natural gas heaters are suitable for outdoor areas of commercial spaces. They involve installation of natural gas lines, which provide continuous fuel without the need of refilling a tank. The heat generated by burning of natural gas is radiated throughout the space. However, they are not mobile.

Propane heaters are the other common heaters suitable for outdoor areas. They work by burning propane gas, and like natural gas heaters, they radiate the generated heat. Based on the BTU output of the heater, they can radiate the heat out to a radius up to 15 feet. They are available in freestanding and mobile models. Propane heaters may emit toxic gases and hence, intended for outdoor heating.

Electric radiant patio heaters are the popular heaters used today in hotels and restaurants. They run on electricity, a cheaper and easily available energy source. These heaters emit infrared radiation that strikes the objects and individuals in the space and provide heat directly. Unlike other heaters, they are environmentally-friendly as they do not emit any chemicals or gases. So, choose any of these patio heaters based on your needs and preferences and ensure warmth to your customers.

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