How to Protect Yourself from Mobile Phone Radiation Threats

Mobile Phone, a little gadget of convenience used for communication is threatening the mobile users all over the world. All mobile phones emit radio frequency energy, a type of electromagnetic energy which generates a heat radiation.

The radiation emitted by your cell phone is transferred into your head and finally reaches to your brain leading to many health threats. Recently many scientists believed that cell phone radiation causes problems like fatigue, headaches, loss of sleep, memory loss, ringing ears, and joint pains. The major diseases it may cause include, leakage of the blood-brain barrier, damage to DNA, reduces sperm count and increases estrogen levels.

Moreover, children’s are more prone to the cell phone radiation. Because the ears and skulls are smaller and thinner in case of children’s. So, kid’s head absorb up to 50% more cell phone radiation than an adult’s head.

If you are a regular cell phone user, then follow these tips for protecting yourself from mobile phone radiation threats:

  • Always minimize the usage of cell phone or the duration of use.

  • Try to use speaker phones as much as possible.

  • Driving while using a cell phone is more dangerous.

  • Don’t use cell phones near metallic enclosures such as elevators.

  • Try to make use of land line for longer telephonic calls.

  • Reduce the use of cell phones by your kids.

  • Don’t use cell phones while crossing the road.

  • Also mobile phones must be prohibited near ICU and these are also banned in major air planes.

  • Do research before buying mobile phones, make sure you get a low radiation emitting mobile phone.

Follow the above tips and protect yourself as best as you can.

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