Is Your Air Purifier Really Working?

Air purifiers are installed to clean the indoor air. The process of cleaning the air is dependent on the ability of the air purifier to remove air pollutants such as particles, odors, gases, volatile organic compounds, and microorganisms. A good purifier would remove almost all of the air pollutants from the air.

Do the air purifier really work? There are a wide range of consumer air purifiers available in the marketplace with different standard prices ($20 to $5000).

Some people have the question like “how do i know my purifier is really working ?”. It is difficult to answer this question. If you place a good working air purifier in an average room, you may or may not notice the difference. Therefore, to know whether your purifier is working or not, make the list before you buy a new purifier. Your list should include smell you notice, particles you see, known the contaminants you have, and how you and your family feel. Then after you purchase a new purifier, run it for a while and then look back at your list and see if any conditions have improved. If the conditions have improved, it means that your purifier is working.

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