How to Avoid Constant Tear and Wear of Fireplaces

If your fireplaces are installed correctly, they should perform well, should be reliable and provide safety. Fireplaces, due to constant tear and wear have also their own time of malfunctioning. That is why fireplaces are needed to be checked regularly with in a year.

For self installations, see if the fireplace complies with all building codes in the local governments. This includes important requirements like earthquake compliance and hurricane compliance. The chimney of the fireplace should be of right measure. At least 10 percent of the area occupied by fireplace should be provided for flue. The flue must also be 1/8th the size of the fireplace opening for your chimney. Make sure that your roof should be plain. The chimney length should be 3 feet for added fireplace safety.

To have a child safe fireplace, the hearth must be extend at the front of the fireplace with a distance of 16 inches into the room and 8 inches on each side of the opening of the fireplace. Make use of materials that is thick enough to withstand any sparks coming out of the burning wood or flame. Experts recommend materials such as brick, stone, tile or concrete and other non flammable materials.

To make wood burning fireplace safe, construct concrete step around the edges of the fireplaces to prevent flying sparks from burning wood.

For maintaining the fireplaces, regularly rake ashes to keep in a good condition. Make sure you wear dust masks. Repairs cracks in the flue lining, bricks and walls. Bring in professional experts to check your fireplaces every year.

To have fireplace safety operations, keep in house necessary fire extinguisher tools. Retrofit sprinklers, smoke detectors and other fire warning systems.

Never use kerosene, gas or other liquids that promotes combustion as fire ignites for wood burning. Use real wooden logs and not saw dusts or old news papers to fuel wood fireplaces. Always keep damper open to help the fuel to burn well and prevent the accumulating effect of suffocating gas in the room.

Remember to keep the children away from the fireplaces. Fire is good attention getter to children, so warn and remind them constantly of the danger associated with playing with fire.

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