Know about the Different Types of Colored Soft Lenses

Apart from the regular lenses which are used for correcting the vision, there are few cosmetic lenses which are used to look different and to have fun in different occasions. They are nothing but the colored lenses which enhance your eye color and give you a complete new look. People with dark eyes can also choose some opaque lenses which lightens their eye color and gives a different effect. Again, in colored lenses there are different types and let us see what they are.

Basically there are four different colors of contact lenses. They are

Visibility tint lenses: These lenses are designed by imparting some tint to the natural lenses and they are helpful in enhancing the look of your eyes. Even though there is some color on these lenses they will not affect the color of your eyes. The tint is used to find the lenses if we drop them accidentally.

Enhancement tint: Enhancement lenses will enhance your eye color. They have a translucent tint which is the reason for the enhancement of the eye color. These lenses are slightly darker than the visibility tint lenses.
Color tint lenses: These lenses are the ones which are used to give complete color change for your eye. They are darker than all the lenses but still have opaque tints that change the color of your eyes. These lenses are available in wide range of colors which look really good when tried with perfect attire for special occasions.

Light Filtering tint: Light filtering lens are specially designed for the people who are into sports and athletics. These lenses enhance certain colors and block the other colors. These lenses are much focused on the prominent colors which are used in that particular sport or athletic act.

However, like the corrective contact lenses these colored lenses also require prescription and should be worn on doctor’s advise. These lenses also spread the infections from one to the others eyes and hence it is better not to share the lenses with others.

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