Common Reasons for Noise of HVAC System

Noisy heating and air conditioning equipment is very irritating. It is particularly a problem in closed areas, especially in urban communities, where heating and cooling machines are close to sleeping areas and interior walls. There are several common reasons for a noisy HVAC system, in that some of them are easy to correct some need professional attention.

Know some reasons behind this noise of HVAC systems

Loose or improperly installed duct work: This issue is related to the air distribution and design of the system. It is not necessarily furnace or air conditioning equipment problem. If the noise is coming from a specific duct joint, then you can seal or tighten the area. If the noise seems to be throughout the duct system, a redesign of the duct work may be required.

Equipment vibration: Vibration or shaking of the system indicates that the blower is out of balance. Like the spinning motion of off-balanced washing machine, an out balance of furnace system also create excessive noise. Vibration of an outside air conditioning unit may be a result of poor installation. These problems require certified technicians to adjust.

Internal equipment damage: If you experience metal scraping or clanging noises, this is clear indication of severe problem inside the machine. If you ever hear this sort of sound, like something interrupting a fan blade sound or scraping any other metal, immediately turn off the system, it is very important.

Loud operation: Some heating systems and air conditioning systems simply operate at high decibel levels. The problem could be symptomatic of lower quality machines, or equipments which are not designed to quiet operations. It may be installed away from the living rooms.

The above are the reasons for developing noise in HVAC systems.

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