Harmful Effects of Coffee on Teeth

Most of us like to drink coffee though we know that it is harmful to our body. However, there are still many people who do not know the effects of coffee on teeth. Here is some useful information for such people.

Coffee contains specific substance called caffeine which is the major factor affecting dental health. Consuming coffee, tea and soda in large quantities turn your teeth to yellow. The area between the teeth as well as the surface of the teeth may be turned into unusual brown stains. Staining is even a great indication of plaque build up.

As you know, coffee is an acidic drink and an acidic environment in mouth is not good for dental health. In acidic conditions, calcium and phosphate on the surface of the teeth enamel comes out and weakens the structure of the teeth. This may result in cavity formation. So, larger consumption of coffee is directly related to the degradation of the enamel on your teeth. Also, the decrease in pH inside the mouth allows the growth of anaerobic and harm causing bacteria. With this, lots of bacterial wastes get trapped into the teeth and gums. This plaque build up is the primary factor promoting various dental issues.

In order to reduce these effects, a basic or alkaline environment should be maintained in the mouth. This enhances the natural repair of the dental damage. However, continuous coffee uptake does not allow the maintenance of basic or alkaline conditions.

In addition, some people often take coffee before going to bed to get away from stress and inability to sleep well. This may rise teeth clenching or grinding habit where a person clenches the teeth unconsciously. It may further lead to jaw pain as well as the pain in teeth. So, better reduce coffee uptake to prevent these dental problems.

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