Tips to Identify Heroin Abusers

Heroin abuse has become very common among the teens and also the adults. It is even influencing the other class of society who don’t know about these drugs, and making them get used to it. A drug addict might be any person, he might be our family member, friend, relative, neighbor or any body whom we know. The thing here is whether we are able to find that person in the crowd and help him come out that state. The more earlier the person is detected, more lesser will be the harm caused to him.

Followings are few tips to recognize Heroin abusers

  • Food Habits: The moment a person starts using Heroin, there will be a lot of changes in his food habits. Even their food preferences also change. They start craving for more sweet dishes. The addicts generally have poor appetite and as a result there might be loss in their weight.
  • By observing ash trays: Heroin addicts when allowed to smoke at home can be caught by observing their ash trays or the dust bins in their rooms. In order to use heroin they take away some tobacco from their cigarettes and fill it with heroin. So, that you can find some loose and unburnt tobacco there. Even the cigarettes are smoked down to the filter.
  • Arms and legs: Needle marks can be found on the arms and legs of the abusers as a sign of injecting the heroin.
  • By observing the pupil: One can easily find whether the person is an Heroin abuser or not by this test. In bright light, the pupil of Heroin addicts constricts where as in darkness it dilates. In heroin addicts the pupil becomes very small like a pin point. So, pinpoint pupils in the dark are almost a conclusive sign of Heroin addiction.

These are only few things which we can find among Heroin abusers. By finding few of these symptoms please don’t jump to the conclusion. A little more focused observation can reveal you the facts.

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