Landscaping Ideas to Hide Your Chain Link Fence

Your landscape area may include use of fencing for privacy, security or aesthetic appearance. Chain link fencing is most commonly used in landscape areas by many home owners. This chain link fence can even be made more elegant by painting. You can use different colors like black, dark green, or brown to make it less noticeable. The color of the paint should blend into the background.

Some people use fence slats which are made of aluminum, wood or plastic. These slats are inserted into the fence vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Different colors of slats can be used to create patterns and designs in the fence. You can cover the chain link fence with annual vines like black-eyed Susan and Cypress. Hiding the fence with perennial vines give a permanent cover. Trumpet creeper, English ivy and Passion flowers can be used to cover the chain link fence.

To create a colorful and aromatic solution for hiding the chain link fence, you can plant flowering bushes such as lilacs, hydrangeas and roses. The colorful petals of the rose flowers along the fence attract the passersby from the fence. However, these bushes take more time than vines to grow large enough for hiding the fence. They also need much maintenance unlike vines.

The other option to hide a chain link fence is to use rolled wood fencing. Different materials like bamboo, cane, stick, reed, fern, dwarf pine and twig can be used for rolled wood fencing. Such fences are made up of pieces of wood. A galvanized wire is used to hold these pieces. They are attached to the chain link fence with the help of a wire. Rolled wood fencing gives a natural feel to the fence and also provides enough privacy. Any of these landscaping ideas can be chosen to hide the chain link fences of your garden or yard.

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