Know How to Make a Glow Ring

Like all the other glow stick products, glow rings are also more popular. They are quite apt for any kind of night parties. Especially, kids and teenagers like to wear them to look attractive during parties and Halloweens. Since they are very small objects you can make them from your glow bracelets using connectors or you can prepare them at home using some chemicals and wax.

Even though they are easy to make, parental supervision is always advisable if kids are doing it. Let us have a quick look on the ingredients and the process involved.


  • Paraffin wax
  • Sugar
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Isoprophyl Alcohol
  • Toothpicks and
  • Protective glasses and goggles.


  • For making glow rings you need some glow liquid. In order to prepare this liquid take 50 gm of sugar, 25 ml of sodium hydroxide, and 5 ml of isoprophyl alcohol in separate non metal containers. Always wear gloves while handling solutions.
  • Now take the vessel containing sodium hydroxide and add sugar to it. On mixing them both you can see some green color.
  • Now add isoprophyl alcohol to that mixture and stir well. Now you can see the glow.
  • Take the paraffin wax and mould in to a ring, according to the manufacturers instruction in your required size and shape. However you have to make it hallow.
  • Once it is done make a hole in it using the tooth pick and on the top.
  • Now pour the glowing solution in to the ring using a syringe. Use some wax to close the hole.
  • Let it dry by placing it in your shelf. You can use it once it is dried.

Like this you can make a lot of homemade rings of different sizes.

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