Know the Uses of Glow Sticks for Military

Even though the inventors and first users of glow sticks are the Navy people, the immense applications of glow sticks made them used by military as well. They are very useful for military people for doing different search and rescue operations, defense operations and so on. Previously these glow sticks are used as emergency lights and man overboard float lights in Navy. Later their use is wide spread in Military.

Let us see how the Military uses them for different operations.

For night operations: Because of the light produced by Glow sticks they are used mostly during night operations. Since they are available in different colors they can be used for different identifications and markings. The military first used glow sticks as signaling devices. Since they are not flammable and are safe to use in explosive environments they are often used to mark locations. For night operations at a greater distance, the light sticks are often used with magnets attached to the base to stand vertically on any metallic surface and provide a full 360-degree visibility through the scope of weapon.

Use of infrared glow sticks: With the innovation of latest technology some Infra-red glow sticks are developed which are very helpful in the success and safety of night operations. These glow sticks work with IR or NV imaging system. These sticks are invisible to the naked eye and emits a distinct thermal image which can be seen only by wearing special glasses. They do not emit heat which avoids further detection. These glow lights are highly helpful for military people to mark targets clearly which helps them in increasing the shoot to kill ratio. Since they are light weight and durable they can be easily carried by the military men and women.

As emergency lights: These lights are very useful for emergency situations which happen after some natural calamities. After the natural calamities like cyclones, earth quakes and hurricanes there will be no electricity. Then these glow sticks are used to identify people to rescue them and also by the military people to reveal their identity. Use of glow sticks indoors after hurricanes for light helps in preventing open flames from candles.

Apart from these there are many other uses of glow sticks which are widely used in military. They are used both for tactical and non tactical operations.

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