Ten principles to Attain Perfection in Yoga

Every form of exercise has its own set of principles. Like that yoga too has some set of principles which guides the yoga practitioners to perform it in a proper way so that they can reach the point of perfection with less effort. The following are the 10 principles of yoga which are stated by the experts in that art.

  1. Traditionally yoga is called as the liberation teaching. It teaches us to free ourselves from what we are and to discover the real spirit in each individual by themselves by doing selfless efforts.

  2. It is always better to learn Yoga from an expert even though the yogic practices can be done without any instructions.

  3. Before learning yoga it is good if the practitioner knows about all the seven forms of yoga which starts from Raja Yoga to Mantra Yoga. So that they can select the one which helps them to come of their individual weaknesses.

  4. Yoga should be learned both theoretically and practically. Practicing yoga without knowing the inner meaning is useless. Understanding the theory needs mindful and thoughtful practice.

  5. The moral behind all the yogic practices is to lead a positive life which tells you to bind to the moral virtues like non violence, truthfulness, compassion and kindness. Without these morals yoga cannot reach the stage of perfection.

  6. All the yogic techniques are simple however they need huge commitment. If you are not committed and often attracted to your bad older life style you cannot succeed in yoga. It is more of self discipline and control over the senses.

  7. Yoga practice is categorized into two. The first needs constant exercises and techniques which gives peace of mind and the other state involves leaving the old behaviors and adopting the positive life style.

  8. Focus is also very important in yoga. It is often followed by control and power.

  9. Even though you become proficient in yoga it is always good to stick to the basics.

  10. Yoga is a prolonged process. It takes long time to transform a person in to complete human being. It takes time to attain to the self transformation and therefore yoga practitioners are supposed to practice patience prior to other yoga techniques.

By sticking to these ten basics of yoga one can achieve self realization. And always remember yoga is for the life time and the fundamental beliefs are never wasted.

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Updated: December 19, 2013 — 12:14 am
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