Add Rock Stairs to Your Garden

miniature plantsDifferent landscaping features bring beauty to your garden. The landscape area or a garden can get attractive look with unique and creative landscape features. Adding stairs to the garden area can be a good decorative additive. Among many different materials, rocks are the natural ones which integrate the garden stairs into the surrounding garden elements.

The rocks used for garden stairs are not factory cut. You have to choose rocks which are flat and their width should be similar to that of the adjacent path leading to them. Bring the stones to the work site. Decide the size of the rock you wish to add to the stairs. If you wish to use multiple stones rather than a single boulder for each step, then determine the rocks that have to be used for stairs.

Once you decide the size and type of rocks, you should dig the flat area in the place where you wish to keep the first step. The rock used for the base of the staircase should be the largest. A thin layer of gravel can be laid to help with drainage and also to hold the stone in place. Check if there is any dirt and pile it off to one side. The level of the ground on which the base rock is placed, should be checked initially. If it is found to be leaned, then it should be scraped as flat as possible within required dimensions.

The next flat area for the next rock stair should be dug out of the slope. This should be in such a way that the next rock fits behind the base rock. It should also overlap the base rock by at least one inch to cover the back of the step below it. Make sure that you add more gravel or dig out more earth till the rocks fit properly. Add any number of rocks in this way to complete the rock garden staircase. The rock stairs can be decorated by placing small plants for aesthetic appearance.

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