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Ten principles to Attain Perfection in Yoga

Every form of exercise has its own set of principles. Like that yoga too has some set of principles which guides the yoga practitioners to perform it in a proper way so that they can reach the point of perfection with less effort. The following are the 10 principles of yoga which are stated by the experts in that art.

  1. Traditionally yoga is called as the liberation teaching. It teaches us to free ourselves from what we are and to discover the real spirit in each individual by themselves by doing selfless efforts.

  2. It is always better to learn Yoga from an expert even though the yogic practices can be done without any instructions.

  3. Before learning yoga it is good if the practitioner knows about all the seven forms of yoga which starts from Raja Yoga to Mantra Yoga. So that they can select the one which helps them to come of their individual weaknesses.

  4. Yoga should be learned both theoretically and practically. Practicing yoga without knowing the inner meaning is useless. Understanding the theory needs mindful and thoughtful practice.

  5. The moral behind all the yogic practices is to lead a positive life which tells you to bind to the moral virtues like non violence, truthfulness, compassion and kindness. Without these morals yoga cannot reach the stage of perfection.

  6. All the yogic techniques are simple however they need huge commitment. If you are not committed and often attracted to your bad older life style you cannot succeed in yoga. It is more of self discipline and control over the senses.

  7. Yoga practice is categorized into two. The first needs constant exercises and techniques which gives peace of mind and the other state involves leaving the old behaviors and adopting the positive life style.

  8. Focus is also very important in yoga. It is often followed by control and power.

  9. Even though you become proficient in yoga it is always good to stick to the basics.

  10. Yoga is a prolonged process. It takes long time to transform a person in to complete human being. It takes time to attain to the self transformation and therefore yoga practitioners are supposed to practice patience prior to other yoga techniques.

By sticking to these ten basics of yoga one can achieve self realization. And always remember yoga is for the life time and the fundamental beliefs are never wasted.

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Landscaping Ideas to Hide Your Chain Link Fence

Your landscape area may include use of fencing for privacy, security or aesthetic appearance. Chain link fencing is most commonly used in landscape areas by many home owners. This chain link fence can even be made more elegant by painting. You can use different colors like black, dark green, or brown to make it less noticeable. The color of the paint should blend into the background.

Some people use fence slats which are made of aluminum, wood or plastic. These slats are inserted into the fence vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Different colors of slats can be used to create patterns and designs in the fence. You can cover the chain link fence with annual vines like black-eyed Susan and Cypress. Hiding the fence with perennial vines give a permanent cover. Trumpet creeper, English ivy and Passion flowers can be used to cover the chain link fence.

To create a colorful and aromatic solution for hiding the chain link fence, you can plant flowering bushes such as lilacs, hydrangeas and roses. The colorful petals of the rose flowers along the fence attract the passersby from the fence. However, these bushes take more time than vines to grow large enough for hiding the fence. They also need much maintenance unlike vines.

The other option to hide a chain link fence is to use rolled wood fencing. Different materials like bamboo, cane, stick, reed, fern, dwarf pine and twig can be used for rolled wood fencing. Such fences are made up of pieces of wood. A galvanized wire is used to hold these pieces. They are attached to the chain link fence with the help of a wire. Rolled wood fencing gives a natural feel to the fence and also provides enough privacy. Any of these landscaping ideas can be chosen to hide the chain link fences of your garden or yard.

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Add Rock Stairs to Your Garden

miniature plantsDifferent landscaping features bring beauty to your garden. The landscape area or a garden can get attractive look with unique and creative landscape features. Adding stairs to the garden area can be a good decorative additive. Among many different materials, rocks are the natural ones which integrate the garden stairs into the surrounding garden elements.

The rocks used for garden stairs are not factory cut. You have to choose rocks which are flat and their width should be similar to that of the adjacent path leading to them. Bring the stones to the work site. Decide the size of the rock you wish to add to the stairs. If you wish to use multiple stones rather than a single boulder for each step, then determine the rocks that have to be used for stairs.

Once you decide the size and type of rocks, you should dig the flat area in the place where you wish to keep the first step. The rock used for the base of the staircase should be the largest. A thin layer of gravel can be laid to help with drainage and also to hold the stone in place. Check if there is any dirt and pile it off to one side. The level of the ground on which the base rock is placed, should be checked initially. If it is found to be leaned, then it should be scraped as flat as possible within required dimensions.

The next flat area for the next rock stair should be dug out of the slope. This should be in such a way that the next rock fits behind the base rock. It should also overlap the base rock by at least one inch to cover the back of the step below it. Make sure that you add more gravel or dig out more earth till the rocks fit properly. Add any number of rocks in this way to complete the rock garden staircase. The rock stairs can be decorated by placing small plants for aesthetic appearance. Read the rest of this entry »


The State of Alternate Fuels for Gasoline and Diesel in Automobiles

There are many issues pertaining to the usage of conventional fuels in automobiles, as they release high levels of emissions which pollute the environment. According to a study by Environmental Defense, U.S. automobiles and light trucks are responsible for around 50% of all the greenhouse gases emitted by automobiles globally.

As these fuels are generated from limited resources, the increase in demand is resulting in increased fuel prices. Apart from this, major portion of these fuels are bought from foreign countries.

So, automakers and other researchers have been working on a variety of alternatives to conventional fuels. They came up with few fuel technologies that could reduce the emissions and are available at lower prices. These fuels help the government in producing alternative fuel independently.

Hydrogen fuel:
Few drivers have started thinking about the environment and the impact of their cars on the environment. Fuels like hydrogen can reduces the emissions.

But implementation of hydrogen fuel is facing many practical challenges, as of today. The biggest challenge is creating a refueling infrastructure. Building a basic network of hydrogen refueling stations would cost billions. Presently, most of the hydrogen fuel is produced by refining natural gas. This reduces 55% in greenhouse-gas emissions, compared with today’s gasoline-fueled cars. But critics argue that instead of supplying the energy to produce the hydrogen fuel, it would be simpler to put the equivalent energy directly into an electric car’s battery. Few more hurdles are lack of infrastructure and lack of raw material.

Bio-diesel is a fuel made from vegetable oil and is treated with lye that makes it more viscous, and with other substances to make it last longer in storage. It is mostly used with the combination of petroleum diesel, in mixtures such as B5 (5 percent bio-diesel to 95 percent petroleum diesel), B10 (10 percent bio-diesel), and B20. Currently, 100 percent bio-diesel, called B100, costs about $3 a gallon compared with about $2.60 a gallon for regular diesel.

Most diesel engines can run on B20 without modifying the engine. Though it costs a bit more than petroleum diesel, it uses 20 percent less petroleum and burns cleaner.

Natural gas:
About 12 million vehicles around the world are running on CNG these days, but only about 1,10,000 of them are in U.S. CNG has a wide opportunity to replace the gasoline usage.

Natural gas allows to change the transportation system from expensive, carbon-heavy gasoline and diesel towards carbon-light natural gas which is affordable and can be produced in America.

CNG emits 30% less carbon dioxide and 97% less carbon monoxide than regular gasoline and is half the cost of gasoline or diesel.

CNG industry is now expanding by slowly overcoming the lack of filling stations and consumer acceptance. The vehicles that run with CNG are also eligible for federal tax credit.

Ethanol is also known as grain alcohol. In U.S., it is majorly made from corn, but it can also be produced from grains like wheat, barley, potatoes, sorghum or sugarcane. The advantage of using ethanol as fuel is the carbon dioxide from it can be absorbed by the plants that grow fuel.

All the vehicles that were being sold from 1980, can run on gasohol (a mixture of 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol). The present federal administration allows higher levels of ethanol for gasoline used in new cars with E15(15% of ethanol and 85% of gasoline), this would also benefit corn growers. This fuel can be used in all the later models of 2001. Auto makers strongly oppose this fuel, as it may reduce the efficiency and damage the engine when used in the models before 2001. Some public-health advocates also say that they emit hazardous CO2 levels polluting the atmosphere and are concerned about the level of deforestation that may happen to grow corn.

Today fuel with higher levels of ethanol is available. E85(a mixture of 85% of ethanol and 15% of gasoline) can be used only in FFVs(Flexible Fuel Vehicles). The main reason for E85 not to be used in non FFVs is that ethanol contains slightly less energy than gasoline. Additional 10% to 30% fuel is needed to gain the required energy.

Though the concept of electric cars is not new in the automobile industry, few problems like battery capacity, efficiency and mileage are still yet to overcome.

The usage of lithium ion batteries has led to fully electric vehicles such as Nissan leaf that can travel about 100 miles once the battery is fully charged.

Technologies such as turbochargers can help in improving the efficiency of gasoline-powered engines, resulting in the reduction of the electric vehicle purchases mainly in U.S.

Electric cars will play an increasingly large role in far future, but in the near future they may not have much impact on the gasoline fuel cars.

Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV):
These are the hybrid cars with an added battery. PHEVs have been in development for years and they can effectively reduce the emissions. However, the lagging battery technology is the main reason for PHEVs being not successful in the market.

PHEVs use both electric energy and gasoline. Batteries in plug-in hybrid cars can supply power sufficient for 40 miles. 80% of daily commuters who travel less than 40 miles can run their car completely on electrical energy. If the driver needs to travel beyond 40 miles then the gas engine comes on to recharge the battery and propel the car. Models like Toyota Prius use nickel-metal hydride batteries. If these batteries are replaced with lithium-ion batteries, the scope of PHEVs may increase more.

Air powered cars:
Air cars run on compressed air that is stored at a high pressure in thermoplastic tanks which are surrounded by carbon-fiber shells. The air released through the pistons in the engine drives the wheels. Air cars plug into a wall outlet, allowing an on-board compressor to pressurize the car’s air tank to 4500 pounds per square inch and this takes about 4 hours to fill the tank with full pressure; then the air is released to power the car’s pistons.

Each car has an on board pump which can refill the tank overnight. This will be great for urban driving as the journeys are typically few miles.

These bio-fuels and electric energy can show impact on the usage of conventional gasoline and diesel. Using these fuels as substitute for regular fuels, poisonous emissions can be reduced and drivers can get the fuel at low price.
Colin Campbell, a petroleum geologist and former consultant to oil companies, has stated that petroleum will run short world wide in about 20 years. Apart from pricing and supply issues, usage of gasoline and diesel results in global warming and health hazards.

Thus, the increased usage of these alternate fuels in automobiles can bring a positive impact on environment as well as economy. Urban people have a better chance of using electric cars for their daily mobility as it may not be more than 40 to 50 miles. The usage of these alternate fuels can be improved when they are made available along with conventional gasoline and diesel.

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Features that Must be Included in a Refrigerator

Generally food refrigerators are used to store the food and protect it from spoiling due to bacterial growth. Due to the advanced technology, refrigerators are available in different. Refrigerators are the long term investments and one has to be very careful while purchasing the fridges, the following are the features that you should look for in a refrigerator:

  • Look for the refrigerator which has the adjustable door bins and shelves as these can be moved to create room to fit tall items.
  • Also the fridge you are purchasing must contain elevator shelves as these crank up and down without you having to remove the contents and also full extension drawers as these drawers provide you with greater access to stored items.
  • Look for the pull out shelves or bins which improve access to the items stored in the refrigerator.
  • Shelf snuggers are the other features to look for because these are the sliding brackets on door shelves to secure bottles and jars. A few models have a wine rack that stores a bottle horizontally.
  • Temperature controlled drawers can be set several degrees cooler than the rest of the refrigerator. These are useful in the case of meat, fish, and cold cuts which should be stored at low temperatures.
  • A water filter is designed to reduce lead, chlorine, and other impurities. You can also add a filter to the refrigerator’s water supply line.
  • Some manufacturers are offering the fridges which are incorporated with high tech equipment such as TVs, digital picture or music devices, and family organizing centers.
  • Also look for the features like reversible door, quick cool compartment, freezer interior light, butter keeper and glass shelving to contain spills.

While looking to purchase a refrigerator also consider the factors like your budget, space available in your kitchen for installation, model and the capacity of the refrigerator etc.

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Tips to Identify Heroin Abusers

Heroin abuse has become very common among the teens and also the adults. It is even influencing the other class of society who don’t know about these drugs, and making them get used to it. A drug addict might be any person, he might be our family member, friend, relative, neighbor or any body whom we know. The thing here is whether we are able to find that person in the crowd and help him come out that state. The more earlier the person is detected, more lesser will be the harm caused to him.

Followings are few tips to recognize Heroin abusers

  • Food Habits: The moment a person starts using Heroin, there will be a lot of changes in his food habits. Even their food preferences also change. They start craving for more sweet dishes. The addicts generally have poor appetite and as a result there might be loss in their weight.
  • By observing ash trays: Heroin addicts when allowed to smoke at home can be caught by observing their ash trays or the dust bins in their rooms. In order to use heroin they take away some tobacco from their cigarettes and fill it with heroin. So, that you can find some loose and unburnt tobacco there. Even the cigarettes are smoked down to the filter.
  • Arms and legs: Needle marks can be found on the arms and legs of the abusers as a sign of injecting the heroin.
  • By observing the pupil: One can easily find whether the person is an Heroin abuser or not by this test. In bright light, the pupil of Heroin addicts constricts where as in darkness it dilates. In heroin addicts the pupil becomes very small like a pin point. So, pinpoint pupils in the dark are almost a conclusive sign of Heroin addiction.

These are only few things which we can find among Heroin abusers. By finding few of these symptoms please don’t jump to the conclusion. A little more focused observation can reveal you the facts.

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Know How to Make a Glow Ring

Like all the other glow stick products, glow rings are also more popular. They are quite apt for any kind of night parties. Especially, kids and teenagers like to wear them to look attractive during parties and Halloweens. Since they are very small objects you can make them from your glow bracelets using connectors or you can prepare them at home using some chemicals and wax.

Even though they are easy to make, parental supervision is always advisable if kids are doing it. Let us have a quick look on the ingredients and the process involved.


  • Paraffin wax
  • Sugar
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Isoprophyl Alcohol
  • Toothpicks and
  • Protective glasses and goggles.


  • For making glow rings you need some glow liquid. In order to prepare this liquid take 50 gm of sugar, 25 ml of sodium hydroxide, and 5 ml of isoprophyl alcohol in separate non metal containers. Always wear gloves while handling solutions.
  • Now take the vessel containing sodium hydroxide and add sugar to it. On mixing them both you can see some green color.
  • Now add isoprophyl alcohol to that mixture and stir well. Now you can see the glow.
  • Take the paraffin wax and mould in to a ring, according to the manufacturers instruction in your required size and shape. However you have to make it hallow.
  • Once it is done make a hole in it using the tooth pick and on the top.
  • Now pour the glowing solution in to the ring using a syringe. Use some wax to close the hole.
  • Let it dry by placing it in your shelf. You can use it once it is dried.

Like this you can make a lot of homemade rings of different sizes.


Know the Uses of Glow Sticks for Military

Even though the inventors and first users of glow sticks are the Navy people, the immense applications of glow sticks made them used by military as well. They are very useful for military people for doing different search and rescue operations, defense operations and so on. Previously these glow sticks are used as emergency lights and man overboard float lights in Navy. Later their use is wide spread in Military.

Let us see how the Military uses them for different operations.

For night operations: Because of the light produced by Glow sticks they are used mostly during night operations. Since they are available in different colors they can be used for different identifications and markings. The military first used glow sticks as signaling devices. Since they are not flammable and are safe to use in explosive environments they are often used to mark locations. For night operations at a greater distance, the light sticks are often used with magnets attached to the base to stand vertically on any metallic surface and provide a full 360-degree visibility through the scope of weapon.

Use of infrared glow sticks: With the innovation of latest technology some Infra-red glow sticks are developed which are very helpful in the success and safety of night operations. These glow sticks work with IR or NV imaging system. These sticks are invisible to the naked eye and emits a distinct thermal image which can be seen only by wearing special glasses. They do not emit heat which avoids further detection. These glow lights are highly helpful for military people to mark targets clearly which helps them in increasing the shoot to kill ratio. Since they are light weight and durable they can be easily carried by the military men and women.

As emergency lights: These lights are very useful for emergency situations which happen after some natural calamities. After the natural calamities like cyclones, earth quakes and hurricanes there will be no electricity. Then these glow sticks are used to identify people to rescue them and also by the military people to reveal their identity. Use of glow sticks indoors after hurricanes for light helps in preventing open flames from candles.

Apart from these there are many other uses of glow sticks which are widely used in military. They are used both for tactical and non tactical operations.


Know About Legal Translation

The translation of all the legal documents by professional translators is termed as Legal Translation. Compared to other translations, legal translation is bit hard to do because the translator should not only posses the knowledge of target language but also needs to have in depth subject on legal topics. Learning the language is very easy when compared to learning the legal topics. So, it is better for a person who have enough knowledge on legal issues to learn the language and to become a translator.

The following things will be translated when it comes to legal translations

  • Legal Files TranslationLegal billing software
  • Translation of Legal Letters
  • Court Pleading Translation
  • Translation of Wills, Marriage & Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Court Notes
  • Court Judgments
  • Case Documentation Translation
  • Translation of Evidence
  • Court Proceedings
  • Legal Notices
  • Law Books etc

Accuracy is very important in legal translation because a little mistake will change the entire meaning of the document. This requires an expert to do all these things in a more professional way. Each and every word should be very exact and cannot have ambiguity. Confidentiality is also essential for legal documents. So, all these things should be done by a loyal and certified Translator.

Legal systems can vary greatly according to the country in which these documents are written. So it is important to know about the region to which the documents are translated and the terminology of that region.