Jaw Irregularities Causing Asymmetrical Facial Features

Many people face dental problems like tooth-decay, tooth loss and many others. However, even problems related to jaws may cause much difficulty and pain for one. Certain jaw irregularities result in asymmetrical facial features interrupting with a good appearance of the face.

The tooth structure and alignment is supported by a jaw or a mandible. It also supports facial muscles. Opening and closing of the mouth, chewing and speaking are possible because of the jaws. With improper functioning of the jaw bones and the joint, jaw irregularities arise which affect these functions. Lower jaw is the jaw bone which is more commonly prone to differences between the two sides. Most of these differences are seen at the back of the angle area and along the jawline which comes forward.

Jaw irregularities may be the result of genetics at birth. This may result in facial deformities and impeded development of the jaw. These are also seen because of some genetic disorders and inherited conditions. Even, accidents may cause injuries and irregularities to your jaw changing your facial features. Sometimes, untreated misaligned teeth and no restoration of missing teeth changes the tooth structure and the alignment. This in turn affects the jaw functions and structure. Temporomandibular dysfunction also creates jaw irregularities and this requires surgical manipulation to restore the proper functioning. Jaw asymmetry is mostly treated by jaw angle and jawline implants. Once you find any difficulty in your jaw functioning and appearance, do not neglect to consult a dentist to correct the structure and function, and also to reduce the asymmetrical facial features.

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