Different Sources of Recruitment

Recruitment helps an organization to select the candidate with right skills required by the employers. Recruitment sources are the sources which supplies right candidates for the organizations. There are two types of recruitment sources available for an organization and they are internal sources and the external sources.

Internal sources:
Internal recruitment sources are very important for the organization but they can’t fill every vacancy in the organization. Internal recruitment has two processes: internal recruitment and promotions. Internal recruitment sources for the organization are present permanent employees, present temporary employees and retired employees.

Present Permanent Employees:
Candidates from this source are considered for the higher level of jobs due to the availability of most suitable candidates for jobs.

Present Temporary Employees:
Candidates from this source are used to fill the lower level jobs owing to the availability of suitable candidates.

External Sources:
External sources brings the candidates from external environment using different techniques. In this process the human resource department in the organization screen resumes of candidates that applied, and select resumes that are qualified for the position.

Employment at Factory Level:
In this kind of external recruitment the applications for vacancies are presented on bulletin boards outside the Factory or at the gate. This kind of recruitment is suitable for employing factory workers.

Employment Agencies:
These are the professional private organizations that supply man power for the companies in return of some fee.

In this type of recruitment companies generally advertise the vacancies in the news papers or televisions. Advantage of this type is it covers a wide area of market and scattered applicants can get information from advertisements.

Educational Institutions:
There are certain professional institutions which serve as an external source for recruiting fresh graduates and it is generally called as campus recruitment.

Employment Exchanges:
Employment Exchanges are run by the Government and most of the government undertakings and concerns, employ people through such exchanges.

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