How to Choose Right Rain Barrel?

Rain barrels are one of the interesting and useful things for conserving rain water. Rain water, which is beautiful source of rain water are easy to set up and is a healthier way to water your plants. The water stored in these barrels are used for different uses like watering plants, washing cars and clothes and more importantly it is a cheaper means of using water. So, in order to converse rain water we need to have a rain barrel. These barrels are available in wood and plastic and in different sizes and shapes so that one can select them according to their convenience and taste.

Here are few steps to choose a right rain barrel for your garden.

  • In more instances, the rain barrels are connected to the ends of gutter downspout, to collect water running from roof top. So, it is important to make sure that your roofing material is not contaminating the rain water.
  • The bigger step in choosing a rain barrel is to choose its size in order to get the desired capacity of storage. Its better to choose a bigger barrel even though it is a bit expensive, to capture more rain water.
  • Always choose a barrel with tight lid and with a mesh at the top so that your water will be safe from animals and the mash will help to filter any debris and prevent mosquito breeding.
  • Please make sure that your rain barrel has an automatic overflow mechanism that diverts the water back in to the downspout once the barrel is filled. By this system, you can save the foundation of your home.
  • Go for a barrel which has an inbuilt spigot so that you can attach a hose or a watering can to use the water for your plants in your garden.

By following these simple steps you can really get a good rain barrel .

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