How Can You Use Your Interpreter Effectively

Interpreter is a person who helps to convert one spoken language into another language. Apart from having linguistic skills, he also needs to have great time sense, memory and analytical skills. Interpreter is very much helpful for a business, especially during meetings. An organization should know how to use their interpreter effectively, then only they can reap maximum benefits out of the meeting.

Following are the ways to use the interpreter effectively:

  • Establish and agree ground rules with an interpreter and inform the interpreter about whom you will be meeting, the issues that will be discussed, any technical language that will be used, so on.
  • Discuss the aims and the objectives of the meeting with the interpreter before meeting the client.
  • Physically place the interpreter between you and your client, place the interpreter in such a way that you have eye contact with the client.
  • If you are giving the speech it is better to provide a copy of it to the interpreters as they can understand the technical words.
  • Interpreting is a taxing job and is mentally exhausting. Try to reduce the pressure on the interpreter by speaking slowly.
  • Duty of the translator is to translate the meaning but not the emotions and these emotions can be understood by the body language and tone of the speaker. Ask the interpreter to stop translating the emotions if he is doing so.
  • Make sure the interpreter is clear that they are never to answer questions on your behalf as this can have many negative consequences on you.
  • Try to let the interpreter finish before commencing the next point.
  • Tell the interpreters not to change the meaning of what you say if they think it may cause offense.
  • Plan the interpretation time carefully as it takes much time for interpretation than the normal conversation between the two persons. Compensate for this by either cutting down your presentation or speaking in shorter, sharper sentences.

By following the above ways, one can gain maximum benefits from an interpreter.

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