Know about Basic Types of Addictions

Addiction is a condition where the individual becomes permanently or temporarily becomes dependent on the substance consumed. There are many types of addictions but there are some basic types of addictions which are very harmful for the individuals who are addicted and those are here under:

Drug Addiction:
Drug addiction is the condition resulted from repeated abuse of drugs by an individual. Drug addiction results in unconditional desire to consume drugs excessively. This results in psychic and physical dependance on the drug. This addiction has got detrimental effects on the individual and also on the society.

Nicotine Addiction:
Nicotine is psycho active drug consumed mostly by smoking. Due to its euphoric nature it makes the abuser become totally dependent on it. On withdrawing the addiction the abuser is prone to suffer from severe with drawl symptoms. On abusing nicotine, the mood and performance, apart from many serious effects on physical body are suffered by the patients.

Alcohol Addiction:
Habitual intake of alcohol leads to alcohol addiction. This results in damage of liver, heart, brain and other vital organs of the body.

Gambling Addiction:
Gambling addiction is also popular as compulsive gambling. It is like any other addiction and results in biological vulnerabilities, social stress and negative ways of thinking.

Prescription Drugs Addiction:
Prescription drug addiction is caused when the individual uses the prescribed drugs in many other ways to feel better. He becomes totally addicted to them and will constantly crave for them.

Addiction to Work:
A person is a workaholic if he is addicted to work, a workaholic spends lot of time at work sacrificing his health and loved ones for his job. Workaholics are frequently ineffective employees.

Internet Addiction:
Internet addiction is the excessive use of computer or internet that interferes with daily life. This is divided in to sub categories by activity, such as excessive, overwhelming, gaming, online social networking, blogging, email, Internet shopping.

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