Things to be Included in a Nanny Contract

Hiring a nanny is the best solution to provide in-home care to your kids. However, a clear and open communication is essential to maintain the positive and effective relationship with the nannies. A nanny contract serves this purpose. It helps in clarifying the roles and responsibilities of you and your nanny. Professional working relationship is to be maintained with the help of a nanny contract. Know some of the things that you need to include in a nanny contract.

  • The job roles and responsibilities of a nanny are the most important. Include details of any household activities that a nanny should perform apart from the childcare activities.
  • Mention the nanny’s base salary in the contract. Also include the salary reviews for specific time line depending on her accomplishments.
  • Mention the expected schedule and number of working hours. However, you should also include the necessary notifications when she is kept for working extra hours at urgent situations.
  • Certain benefits for nanny such as sick days, personal and vacation days, and so on should also be clearly included in a nanny contract.
  • Specific boundaries for discipline are to be explained to the nanny while writing them in a contract.
  • You should also mention how certain necessary changes are to be made in the agreement, and how the agreement can be ended.
  • It is also better to include certain driving rules and insurance coverage information.
  • The most important thing to add in a nanny contract is the employer’s legal tax obligations.
  • Specific terms and conditions of notices, warnings, and ground for dismissal have to made clear in the contract.
  • All the facilities provided to a nanny along with other salary requirements are to be mentioned in it.

Once you write a nanny contract, you and your nanny should sign in it understanding the working conditions. It ensures a safe and trustworthy agreement between you and your nanny.

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Updated: December 19, 2013 — 12:09 am

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  1. You should also include the nanny’s hourly wage for regular and overtime hours, which is required because nannies are non-exempt employees. Other optional things to include are a confidentiality provision (meaning, the nanny can’t disclose the family’s secrets) and details about whether the nanny will or won’t work on holidays, and whether that work will be paid. Parents should know they don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

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