Know some Ideas for Tile Borders

Having unique flooring for your kitchen or bathroom makes them look new and different. Adding tiles to the walls and floors of kitchen and bathrooms is common. However, inserting tile borders for the room further enhances the beauty. Have a look on some ideas for tile borders and introduce them in your kitchen or bathroom.

When you are looking for kitchen tile borders, consider the color and the food theme. You can choose a colorful and deco pattern for your ultra modern kitchen. However, you can find borders with small images of flowers, vines, or others with kitchen and garden related theme. Bath tile borders can be made with images of small fish or soothing floral patterns. The border tiles for bathrooms can be of same color as the rest of the floor but can be with a different texture.

Adding accent tiles to the borders give decorated style to the kitchen and bathrooms. They are found with some art work which add life to the bare floor. These are the best alternatives for the standard bordered tiles. Tile murals or mosaic tiles can also be used as borders which enhance the look of the tile flooring. Tile borders can be made with solid surfaces and granites. Using natural colors for borders gives a beautiful look. If the room is not with much moisture, then you can use decorative wood trim for the border. It is much preferred for kitchens if there is enough open space.

Tiles can be bordered with some mirror pieces, stainless steel, or other metal squares or strips. You can even add a creative design to the tile by using colored glass, or collages of items like seashells and so on. So, when you plan for kitchen or bathroom remodeling, do not forget to choose unique borders for your tile flooring.

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