Know about the Most Common Styles of Conservatories

Conservatories have been in use since past till modern days. In the past days they were only used to plant trees, but in these present days, the house owners use conservatories to extend their home space inside. These are very popular choice of home owners for home expansion. They offer many benefits to the owners, like allowing the sun light, thus reducing electricity bill. Apart from that a conservatory also serves as additional room like living room, dinning room, music room, and library.

There are some most common styles of conservatories, which give some common benefits to the home owners.

The popular styles are

  1. Lean to conservatories: The lean to conservatories are one of the smallest and basic types of conservatories. A lean to conservatory is cheaper to build and they are great when making the best use of limited space. They are perfect for the bungalows and the height of these conservatories is restricted to the height of the building.
  2. Gable ended conservatories: This conservatories are more suitable to the older houses rather than the new and modern houses, due to their traditional design. They are similar to Edwardian styled conservatories which are in square or rectangular shape. The main feature of a gable conservatory is its roof, it meets the ridge of the roof in shape of a triangle and not a sloping front section.
  3. Double hipped conservatories: Doubled hipped conservatories are with double hipped roof’s and will accommodate any height restrictions. The roof is pitched in style where the roof slopes meet at a central ridge height from its sides. Based on the style of the roof, they are categorized as Edwardian or Victorian.
  4. P shapes: The floor of the p shaped conservatory is divided into a vertical line with a lean to design structure and an attached semi circle with a Victorian or Edwardian design in harmony with the lean part of the conservatory. This shape is ideal and most suitable for large and detached properties.
  5. T shapes: T shape conservatory is a combination of both sun lounge and either Victorian, Edwardian, gable ended style of conservatory. It is best suited to large properties. A T shape conservatory offers a large and versatile floor space and an impressive addition to any type of home.

All the above type of conservatories, apart from giving a special look to the home, are also very much beneficial in terms of home improvement.

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