Tips for Selecting Office Wear for Men and Women

Office is a place of business and there are certain dressing codes to be followed in a workplace. The employees should follow the company’s dress code policy to ensure you are in line with specific standards. Corporate clothing for men and women specifies a proper office wear.

Business Formal:
There are universal standards that apply to the business formals irrespective of the employer publishes a corporate dress code or not. The business formal for men should contain ties and collared shirts. Suit jackets or blazers should be worn to meetings and conferences. For women skirts or pants are acceptable, along with blazers or blouses. Heels should not be too high and heavy accessories can be distracting. Black, white, gray, khaki, beige and brown etc. are the acceptable colors for business formal.

Business Casual:
There is no need to wear tie or jackets for men in business casuals, but they should continue to wear collared shirts or Polo shirts. Women can wear open toed shoes and more casual tops and bottoms. Colors are more acceptable in business casual offices one can mix and match different colors and fabrics.

Casual Fridays:
Many offices have casual Fridays, during which employees can take a break from the formal clothes and the casual wear for Fridays depends on the company. Even on the Fridays there is still a level of formality that must be maintained. As a good rule of thumb, it is better to wear shorts, skirts or dresses come down past the knee and see to that the shoulders and neckline are not overly exposed.

As stated above depending on the situation and purpose the office attire can be modified and used.

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Updated: December 1, 2015 — 3:33 am

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  1. The one things I find very enjoyable wearing to work is a pant suit or a skirt suit. There is so many things you can do with it. Accessorizing it is probably the most fun part and you can transform a few outfits into many more.

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