Know how to Make your Own Glow stick at Home

Everyone of us wish to enjoy well in parties. People of all ages, youth and kids in particular, are more interested to use glow sticks at parties. Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are the most popular items of glow sticks. However, you can use a glow stick for improving an aesthetic sense of many other items. You can make glow hats, glow balls, and so on. Glow sticks are inexpensive and you can get them at much cheaper prices when purchased in bulk and online. However, you can make your own glow stick at home to save money. The process of making a glow stick is very easy or simple and it also gives fun to your kids.

Are you interested in making your own glow stick? Then go and get a plastic tube, LED flash light, and an electrical tape. Use an older glow stick tube which no longer glows. Cut the end of the tube and empty the contents present in it. You can also use any other neat and clear plastic tube available in your home. Clean the tube thoroughly. Now, two cuts are made lengthwise on the tip and at the end of the clear plastic tube. Then, the small LED flashlight has to be placed into the slits with the light facing into the glow stick. Use an electrical tape to tape or seal it thoroughly. That’s it. Your glow stick is ready to use.

If you wish to make a glow stick using chemicals, then browse the internet to know about the chemicals used. Purchase the ones that are non-toxic and easily available in the market that can be used to prepare the glow stick. Add appropriate amounts of the chemicals into the clear plastic tube. Ensure that you wear gloves to avoid contact with the chemicals. Sealing the tube properly completes the process of making the glow stick. It can be used for fun or as emergency and safety light at home.

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