How to Maintain Tools & Equipment at Construction Site?

In construction workplace all tools, equipments and vehicles should be maintained properly so that workers are not seriously at risk of extinction. Work place management should inspect all tools, equipments and vehicles, whether it is properly working or not. To limit downtime and extend productivity we should maintain effectively the tools, equipments, machinery and vehicles. So that we can reduce the operational costs of the construction project. It is also important to know that all the maintenance tasks are also hazardous too. The successful maintenance program is:

  1. Good planning and managing effectively
  2. Identifying and controlling hazards at workplaces
  3. Define operational procedures
  4. Providing proper training to workers for effective utilization of tools, machinery, equipments and vehicles.

In construction workplace, different equipments have different inspection requirements. For example, heavy vehicles such as cranes have very specific inspection and maintenance requirements. Mobile heavy vehicles such as loaders, dozers, scrapers etc may have different maintenance requirements. Passenger vehicles such as trucks, cars, vans, etc may require only normal requirements. Power tools like blades are replaced when needed and that guards should be maintained in good working order. Other safety devices are operable and any damaged electrical cords are repaired or replaced, etc.

General requirements for equipment maintenance include:

  1. Keep a copy of the maintenance schedule as instructed by the manufacturer.
  2. Ensuring that the persons performing the maintenance are competent (eg. licensed mechanic).
  3. Ensuring that maintenance is performed as required.
  4. Retaining records of maintenance/service conducted.
  5. Set up a system for removal and tagging of damaged or defective tools and equipment.
  6. Specifying who is the supervisor of equipment and also the places where records are kept.
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