Comparison of Herbs and Spices

Adding specific ingredients to a food changes its taste. Spices and herbs are the elements which are used to add flavor and taste to the food. You can buy spices from traditional or online stores. However, purchasing spices online has been the trend in modern lifestyle.

Whatever the mode of purchase may be it is necessary to ensure that they are fresh. Adding specific herbs or spices to a food item can enhance its deliciousness. Though having the same purpose or function, there are certain differences between herbs and spices. The most important difference is their origin from plant. Herbs are obtained from the leaves of the plant. They may be fresh or dried. Where as spices are obtained from seeds, fruits, roots, bark or any other vegetative part of the plant. Spices may not necessarily be fresh as most herbs.

Certain herbs and spices are considered to have medicinal properties. They offer many health benefits to individuals. However, it is found that herbs are being used more in medical field than spices for certain disease treatments.

Though both herbs and spices add flavor to the food, spices are considered to offer much stronger flavor compared to herbs. Spices are mostly found in warm and tropical countries where as herbs are found anywhere in the world. Due to the availability of herbs at any place they are much inexpensive when compared to spices. But you cannot get spices readily available or inexpensive even at places where they are available. Though they have their own features, they are used commonly as additive ingredients for various recipes.

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