What are the Tools of a Skip Tracer?

Skip tracing involves the procedures for finding the location of missed persons. The persons may be missing for various reasons. Private skip tracing agencies help in providing skip tracing services for general public and organizations. A skip tracer initially collects the information related to the person. He then analyzes, reduces and verifies the data collected. In order to undertake these processes, several tools are used by a skip tracer. Let us know some of them.

  • Telephone books: Telephone books are searched by skip tracers in order to find the telephone number of the missed person. Cell phones, area code locators, areas code reverse searches are helpful in skip tracing.
  • E-mail Address Finders: These are used for finding the massive connections to major e-mail addresses.
  • Social Security Number Searches: Free based and fee based social security number searches from authorized organizations are done to gather information of the missed person.
  • Public Records: Online free public records through several sources are also checked. Federal, state, county, and local records databases from those public records may give certain clue. Filter and subscription databases from these records can be helpful for skip tracers.
  • Death Searches: Death searches are done to make sure that the subject (missed person) is not dead.
  • Business Records: Business and corporate records can be checked to know certain details of the missed person.
  • WorkSheets: Worksheets are made by skip tracers to note all the things that have to be checked. Updating the worksheet can be helpful and avoid any wastage of time.
  • Interview Techniques: Different methods of interview techniques help in gathering information about the missed persons. Direct interviewing includes asking questions directly to the concerned people. But in an indirect interview, the purpose of interview is not revealed but the information is collected by asking indirect questions.

In addition to these tools, a skip tracer can use many others for making his job easy.

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