Know the Steps Involved in Hiring a Nanny

Most of the parents are preferring to hire a nanny for their child care. The basic care provided by a nanny includes watching, feeding and bathing a child in the home. Parents feel it difficult to find a nanny suiting their requirements. Here are some steps you need to follow for hiring a nanny.

  • Envision the role and responsibilities of your nanny based on the requirements. Make clear expectations on the experience and characteristics your nanny should have. Also, decide the budget that you can afford for paying the nanny.
  • Once you finish your planning, then you can search for a nanny through nanny referral agencies or online nanny services. You can advertise posts online, or in newsletters, or in local agency bulletin boards. Take help from your relatives, friends, and neighbors.
  • Once you a get a list of nannies, pre-screen them by evaluating the prospective candidates through a phone call or e-mail. You can determine their level of interest and suitability by this initial contact.
  • The next step, interviewing, is a crucial one. You can conduct a formal interview for about 3-5 candidates you feel good about. Some people also opt for a telephonic interview. But, it is better to conduct a personal interview which creates a chance to meet the candidate in person before hiring. Ask all the questions you need to ask without any hesitation. Find the experience and personal details of the person.
  • Once you select a nanny, conduct a background check to find the information of the nanny. It can include checking criminal background, driving record, and so on. You can also check for the past-employment record.
  • A contract can be signed if everything is clear. The details of compensation, pay frequency, benefits, holiday, sick and vacation day policies, tax treatment and so on are to be included in the contract.

One must ensure that all these steps are to be followed without any negligence to hire a good nanny for your child.

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