Application of Software in Classroom Management

Creation of a safe and orderly environment is necessary for student learning. There has been a change in the strategies used for management of student behavior and creation of successful classroom environment. Introduction of computers made classroom management easy.

Classroom management may include physical arrangement of desks and establishment of routines and guidelines. This is done for providing a helpful and productive learning environment. New strategies and tools such as classroom management software have been used in a technology advanced period.

This software includes screen-sharing technology which enhances teaching. It helps in enabling teachers to guide students learning on computers. It is used in corporate training centers, school computer labs, and any classrooms having computers. Some of the features of the software are listed below.

  • Supervision of student computer work can be made by real-time monitoring of student computer screens from the computer of teacher.
  • The software includes remote control capabilities. Control of a student’s computer and guidance for completing their tasks is made easy through it.
  • Guidance for web surfing and application use can be given by internet access and application control features of the software.
  • Student led demonstrations and initiation of chat sessions with students is possible through communication and collaboration features of classroom management software.
  • Focusing student attention is also possible through the use of this software.

Additional capabilities such as lesson planning and recording and online testing can be possible with the application of classroom management software.

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