All you Need to Know About a Mini Dental Implant

Dentures are the affordable ways of replacing your missing teeth. However, it may be sometimes difficult to keep them in place. They may often get removed and float in your mouth. In order to fix them properly, mini dental implants can be used. In the past, they were used only to provide anchor for dentures. These days they have been used primarily for other dental applications also.

They can be used in place of conventional dental implants. Single tooth replacements where the forces on the implant are not too high can make use of mini dental implants. At instances with narrow site for implantation of conventional dental implants, mini dental implants are the best solutions.

Mini dental implants are smaller in size and are made of Titanium. The upper part of the implant is ball shaped and the lower part is like a screw. The screw portion of the mini dental implant is placed into the jaw bone. On the upper ball head portion, a denture is placed with a metal housing and an O-ring.

The procedure for mini dental implants is non-invasive and simple. It takes much less time when compared to the conventional dental implants. The dentist drills the jaw bone at four or five places. Then the dental implants are placed on them with screw portions inside facing the ball portion upwards. A metal housing is then kept on them and then an O-ring is placed, above which a denture is fixed. The denture and the implant are hold together by means of an O-ring that is mostly made of rubber.

The cost of mini dental implant surgery is also less than that of conventional ones. So it is mostly preferred by people who cannot afford for the traditional dental implants.

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