Know About the Importance of Drug Testing in Construction Industry

Drug and alcohol abuse in workplaces result in several problems. Employers find it difficult to control the situations that arise due to drug abuse. Employees addicted to drugs are absent for work frequently and this decreases the individual as well as team productivity. Organizations of construction industry conduct drug testing in order to ensure safety to their employees.

It is necessary for employers to make sure that their employees are healthy. Any problems related to drug abuse are treated and employers have to consider the health insurance costs. In addition, injuries and accidents are more common at construction sites. Co-employees or even general public may suffer from injuries due to drug addicted employees working in construction firms. Such incidents which take place at an organization also affects the fame and image of the company. Also, construction companies are required to submit their employee manual, regarding their safety when applying for insurance. So it is necessary for construction organizations to conduct regular drug testing on their employees.

Reasonable measures are taken by the contractors, owners, project managers, subcontractors, and supervisors. Drug-free workplace policies have to be designed and implemented at regular intervals of time. Strict rules and regulations should be made in order to take disciplinary actions against drug abuse at workplaces.

It is better to conduct drug testing for applicants who wish to join the organizations. Many construction companies therefore conduct pre-employment drug testing in order to avoid future accidents at workplaces because of them. Drug testing in construction industry therefore ensures safety and also reduces worker’s compensation costs.

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