Know About Application Software and Its Types

ad server pricesThe capacities of a computer are utilized by application software for performing a task. Manipulation of text, numbers, and graphics can be done by this software. It can be called as a end-user program. Let us know about the types of application software.

Database Software:
A collection of data is said to be a database. A database software organizes and manages the data. Storage and display of a data can be changed by it. Examples of database software include MS Access, Oracle, dBase, FoxPro, and Paradox.

Word Processing Software:
This software produces documents. MS-Word, Notepad, and Word pad are some of the examples of word processing software. Some of the features of the software include spelling and grammar checks, word counts, thesaurus, and search and replace functions.

Spread Sheet Software:
Maintenance of budget, financial statements, sales records, and grade sheets can be done with the help of a spread sheet software. Organization of numbers is the main concept of this software. Certain calculations are also done with it. Lotus 1-2-3, MS Excel, Open Office cal, and Apple Numbers are some of the examples of spread sheet software.

adserverPresentation Software:
Displaying information in the form of a slide show is possible with the use of presentation software. Insertion and formatting of text is done through editing function. Including graphics in the text and executing the slide show are other functions of the software. MS Power Point is the best example of this software.

Multimedia Software:
Examples of this software include Media Players and Real Players. Creation of audio and videos can be done by it. Some of the forms of multimedia software include audio converters, burners, players, video encoders and decoders.

Some of the examples of application software include educational software, simulation software, enterprise software, media development software, content access software, and graphical user interface software.

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