Know about the Uses of Underwater Lights

An underwater light is a water proof flashy light. It can be an incandescent bulb, fluorescent bulb or LED light. Underwater lights are of different colors and are majorly used for two purposes – decoration and fishing. Let us discuss briefly about these two uses of underwater lights.

Underwater lights in decoration:
Underwater lights are mainly used for decoration of pools, ponds, lakes, etc. during nights. These are a big hit in night parties, especially in weddings and receptions. They are used to beautify a water place, which helps in creating a mesmerizing effect. Some parties have water lakes on the either side of the hall ways, which are fully decorated with underwater lights. These lights increase the glamor of the area. These lights are also used to decorate swimming polls. Wide range of colors creates reflections on the water surface producing wonderful effects.

Underwater lights in fishing:
Underwater lights are also used for the purpose of fishing, as these are used to attract fishes. When these underwater lights are released in to water, they are mistaken for preys by fish and they come near the light. In this way, underwater lights serve the purpose of fishing lights. Among the various fishing lights, green fishing light is very much preferable as it is found to attract high number of fishes. Sometimes underwater light placed on the edges of the docks help in collisions of boats to the docks, hence preventing accidents at nights.

The above are the uses of underwater lights.

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